“Intercultural Dialogue: Understanding Wenzhou from a Global Perspective” Serial Lectures


Sponsor: Wenzhou Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau


Organizer: Wenzhou Museum


“Intercultural Dialogue:

Understanding Wenzhou from a Global Perspective”

Serial Lecture 5


Molecular Logics and Traditional Wenzhou-made Materials,for Contemporary Sculpture




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2021.7.30 Friday (周五) 19:00


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The effort began through an interest in tensegrity and robotic structures and has been informed by the vernacular. Inspired by local materials, manufacturing and construction methods, along with the molecular structure of carbon, the project utilizes 3D printed nodes, and other cladding and strut materials on a journey toward novel and utilitarian structures.



拉尔夫·斯宾塞·斯汀伯利克 教授

Prof. Ralph Spencer Steenblik


拉尔夫·斯宾塞·斯汀伯利克教授毕业于南加州建筑学院,获硕士学位,是肯恩 大学公共建筑学院的教员,曾任教于普瑞特学院、纽约市立大学、帕森斯学院、肯恩大 学、ISU (ID)等多所大学。他在全球范围内开展演讲、出版、展览和策划工作。他的作品 曾在巴塞尔艺术博览会、国际艺术与创意节、VERGE 19展会、Site Santa Fe’s Design Lab、 以及伦敦、柏林、巴塞罗那和中国温州等地展出;他专注于模拟与数字处理之间的交叉。他同时也是他也是Pelli Clarke Pelli创新平台的创始成员;曾经参与过不少设计项目,诸如耶鲁大学的拜内克图书馆改造、纽约的世界金融中心、平安国际金融中心(中国第二高的建筑)等。他对在宏观上创造城市复杂性与在微观上创造鼓舞人心的互动空间有深厚的兴趣;先进的数字工具和可持续性为这个在正在进行的项目结合提供了新的机会。

Prof. Ralph Spencer Steenblik holds a master from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). He is a professor at Kean University’s School of Public Architecture, and has taught at many universities like Pratt Institute, CUNY, Pratt, Kean University, ISU (ID) and so on. He has lectured, published, exhibited, and curated globally. His work exhibited at Art Basel, VERGE 19, Site Santa Fe’s Design Lab, The International Festival of Arts & Ideas and in London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Wenzhou, China, focuses on the crossover between analog and digital processes. He is a founding member of an innovation platform at Pelli Clarke Pelli. He took charge or participated many design project such as The Beinecke Library renovation at Yale University, and renovation at the World Financial Center, New York, The Ping An International Finance Centre (second tallest building in China). He is interested in creating urban complexity and intricacy on the macroscale and inspiring, interactive spaces on the micro scale. Incorporating advanced digital tools and sustainability offers new opportunities to this ongoing project.



本次讲座字幕组团队成员分别为来自上海大学外国语学院英语笔译专业的谌芊含、程多涛 和郭璇 同学。

The subtitling team members of this seminar are Chen Qianhan, Cheng Duotao and Guo Xuan from the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai University, majoring in English translation.


Chen Qianhan



Chen Qianhan, 2020 Shanghai Excellent Graduate, holds the Certificate of Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test (Advanced Level) and was in charge of the translation of the First Alumni Exhibition of Architecture Department at Shanghai University and was awarded “Excellent Service Provider” for two consecutive years for providing bilateral & escort interpretation services for the China International Import Expo.


Cheng Duotao



Cheng Duotao was awarded the first prize in the FLTRP English Speaking Contest of Jiangxi Province, second prize in the 8th All China Interpretation Contest at regional level, and the third prize in the 11th English Translation Competition of Jiangxi Province.


Guo Xuan



Guo Xuan, with the first ranking, was admitted to Shanghai University to pursue a Master’s Degree. She has published papers in the English Teacher and Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research as the first author; she provided voluntary services for foreign guests at the HUAWEI CONNECT in 2018 and Bloomberg Summit in 2019 and was awarded “Excellent Volunteer”.


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For deepening the cultural research and academic exchanges between Wenzhou and other regions in the world, and discovering new ideas on cultural integration, the “Intercultural Dialogue: Understanding Wenzhou from a Global Perspective” serial lectures, held by Wenzhou Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, organized by Wenzhou Museum is on the way. In these serial lectures, five professors from Wenzhou-Kean University are going to address some specific subjects concerning culture and history of Wenzhou city from their own research interests respectively, aiming at cultivating an intercultural dialogue between Wenzhou and the world. Meanwhile, it also intends to invite more people worldwide to have a deeper understanding of Wenzhou’s long historic heritages and unique cultural genes.

For the safety concerns under this pandemic circumstance, we have to make some adjustments to the lecture series. All the lectures will be delivered ON-LINE via live-streaming, which may hopefully reach out to a large audience.



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